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though in a short but intense period
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If you love sports, Blackboard though in a short but intense period, or longer but carried with ease, this activity can improve good hormones in the brain such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. This hormone plays a role in increasing endurance. Studies conducted in the UK showed that 83% of people who have mental disorders rely on exercise to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Landers said, for people who suffer from mild and moderate depression, exercise at least 16 weeks can cause side effects similar to swallow antidepressants.

While experts at Duke University found that 60% of mild and moderate depression, exercise for four months with a frequency of three times a week and each exercise for 30 minutes can overcome these symptoms without medication. Although classified this step efficacious, but that does not mean that treatment can be directly dihentika, especially for those who are severely depressed.


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